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Starting a lawn from scratch can be a full-time job. Whether you’re monitoring seeds, chasing pests, or just stressing over the health of your lawn, you might wonder if there’s a better solution available. With Coastal Turf’s sod installation, there is!

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Sod Installation in Charleston

Lawn care technician from Coastal Turf rolling out sod.

A full, healthy lawn can make your home or business stand out, but starting one from seed is a massive commitment. Worse yet, it’s not even guaranteed to work! Skip ahead to the results you want with Coastal Turf’s sod installation in Charleston. As Charleston’s most trusted lawn care company, we use only premium products and tailor your sod installation to unique needs. 

Our sod installation service includes:

  • A full evaluation of the installation area.
  • Soil analysis to determine the right grass for you.
  • Full preparation, including soil treatment and fertilizing. 
  • Re-grading and leveling if needed.
  • Complete aftercare including lawn management and follow-up visits. 
  • And more!

Hassle-Free Service

Whatever kind of service you need, we can provide it at Coastal Turf. Whether you need full, recurring lawn care with an annual agreement or a contract-free one-time treatment, we have exactly what you need. Our convenient online payment and automated monthly billing make our service easy from beginning to end. Better still, we offer sod installation service for when you need to make your lawn look great in a hurry!

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Why Choose Sod Over Seeding?

Opting for sod instead of starting a lawn from seed may just seem like a convenience. While it is convenient, sod also offers multiple benefits over traditional lawn growing. These include:

  • Sod needs less water: When planted, grass seed needs to be watered as many as four times a day to maintain the level of soil moisture they require to germinate. By contrast, newly installed sod only requires two waterings a day for the first several weeks.  
  • Sod prevents soil erosion: If your yard is on an uneven grade or suffers from soil erosion, this can make grass seed impossible to plant. Sod, being already mature grass, can take root quickly, stopping soil erosion in its tracks.
  • Sod is grown by pros: As opposed to just throwing some seed down and hoping for the best, the quality sod we use at Coastal Turf is grown and harvested by experts. This way, you can feel confident that a quality well-cared-for product is arriving in your yard and will be with you for years. 
  • Sod makes for a denser lawn: Similar to carpeting, sod pieces fit together tightly, giving your lawn a dense, full, and healthy appearance right away! 
  • Sod is convenient: Sod’s convenience can’t be overlooked. There’s no waiting for seeds to sprout and take root when you choose to install sod in your yard. Instead, when you choose sod installation from Coastal Turf, you can have a green healthy lawn today!

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Our Sod Installation Process

Our Sod Installation service includes properly preparing the soil, fertilizing and laying your sod, watering the sod thoroughly, and more to attain the best results possible. Our process involves:

Kill and/or Remove Vegetation

In most cases, we begin by using a sod cutter to kill and/or remove current vegetation without changing the grade of your property.

Resolve Depressions

Removing existing turf can cultivate the soil, causing slight depressions. Coastal Turf will address any cultivation issues, redistributing the disrupted dirt for an even final look.

Eliminate Debris

Once we’ve evened out the soil, the Coastal Turf team will rake up and remove debris from the site

Typically, the installed sod grows with your existing soil, making additional topsoil unnecessary. However, if new soil needs to be added, Coastal Turf will put it in your proposal to manage your project expectations. It’s just one of the ways our reliable team ensures your complete satisfaction from beginning to end.

Aftercare For Your Sod Installation

After the completion of your sod installation, Coastal Turf’s team will collaborate with you to ensure you have all the information you need to help your new grass thrive. While it’s up to our customers to manage their irrigation systems and verify water amounts, we’ll supply you with watering and care instructions to make the post-install process as seamless as possible.  

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Coastal Turf, each of our services carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re completely dedicated to giving you exactly the sort of lawn you’ve always wanted and won’t stop until you’ve got it. If you’re unhappy with any of our services for any reason, we’ll return to your home and make things right or refund our last treatment, depending on your preference.

Locally Owned Lawn Care Company

We’re proud to be a locally-owned Charleston lawn care company and to serve the people of the Lowcountry area. Community matters to us at Coastal Turf and, in addition to providing the Tri-County Area with quality lawn care, we try to give back to our neighbors. We’re proud to be a part of Project Evergreen which provides deployed members of our armed services with free lawn care. That dedication extends to every job we take on and we’re confident that you’ll notice the difference. 

Areas We Service Near Charleston, SC

We’re delighted to provide service over a wide area of South Carolina’s beautiful Lowcountry. Our list of service areas is still growing and includes:

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