Common Tree Diseases in Summerville, SC

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Every year, South Carolina's trees face various threats from devastating diseases. Whether it's Laurel Wilt or Canker Disease, these diseases can cause irreversible damage and even death for many of the state's beloved trees. Knowing the warning signs and preventative measures of these tree ailments is essential to protect your greenery from harm. Read on to discover more about the destructive tree diseases in Summerville.

Types of Tree Diseases Found in Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC, is home to a variety of tree diseases. Some of the most common tree diseases in Summerville include Anthracnose, Oak Wilt, Sudden Oak Death (SOD), Canker Disease, and Laurel Wilt.


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that affects many types of trees, particularly in areas with high humidity. Commonly found in South Carolina, this disease causes leaf spots, defoliation, and dieback of twigs and branches. Symptoms typically appear in the spring when new leaves are developing, including small, brown spots on the margins or tips of leaves. As the disease progresses throughout the season, it can cause the defoliation of twigs and branches.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a fungal disease that affects both live and dead oak trees. Symptoms include yellowing, wilting, and browning of leaves. This disease can spread rapidly from tree to tree in an infected area and cause the death of up to 90% of affected trees within one year.

Sudden Oak Death (SOD)

Sudden oak death is a fungal disease affecting oak trees, particularly those in wetter areas. Symptoms include cankers on branches and trunks, leaf discoloration and defoliation, and the death of entire branches or trees.

Canker Disease

Canker Disease is a fungal infection that affects trees in South Carolina, mainly pines and hardwoods. It is caused by the fungus Diplodia pinea or Botryosphaeria ribis. Symptoms of this disease include circular spots on needles and branches, yellowing of foliage, wilting leaves, branch dieback, and eventual death if left untreated. 

Laurel Wilt

Laurel Wilt is one of the most destructive tree diseases found in South Carolina. It is caused by an organism called Raffaelea lauricola and affects trees from the Lauraceae family, such as redbay, sassafras, and loblolly bay. Symptoms include wilting leaves, branch dieback, and eventual death of the tree if left untreated. 

How To Prevent Tree Diseases 

Preventing tree diseases in Summerville is essential to protecting the state's greenery. A few simple steps can be taken to ensure proper tree care and prevent the spread of these devastating diseases.

First, it is essential to inspect trees for signs of disease regularly. Be sure to look for discoloration, wilting leaves, branch dieback, and other symptoms that may indicate a tree suffers from one of the abovementioned diseases.

Additionally, it is essential to practice proper pruning techniques. Cut away dead or diseased branches as soon as possible and dispose of them properly to prevent the spreading of the disease to nearby trees.

Lastly, be sure to water trees appropriately based on their species and age, as improper watering can lead to disease.

How Coastal Turf Can Help

Coastal Turf is a company that specializes in lawn care and tree disease management. They offer many services to help homeowners protect their trees from the abovementioned diseases. If you are looking for tree care in Summerville, contact Coastal Turf. 

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