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At Coastal Turf, we’re the local lawn care company that you can count on to get the job done right the first time. Our team of Lowcountry-based lawn care experts has the tools and knowledge needed to give you the beautiful lawn that you’ve always dreamt of. With Coastal Turf, your dream can be a reality so get started today!

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Goose Creek

Very pleased with Coastal Turf! They took care of things promptly and the office manager is amazing. She explained everything that was going to happen in detail. Great customer service.

Lawn Care in Goose Creek

At Coastal Turf, we understand that the secret to quality lawn care in Goose Creek is to understand that your yard is a complex, interdependent ecosystem. That’s why we start at the most granular level to build your lawn on a healthy foundation that lasts. This includes fertilizing your lawn each season to ensure your yard is getting the nutrients it needs. Our lawn care in Goose Creek addresses your lawn’s individual needs and adjusts based on changing weather and stressors. We will customize each fertilization treatment to what your lawn needs, based on the season. Don’t settle for a lawn care company that tries to make your lawn fit their system. Instead, choose the one who will adapt to give you what you want. 

Our lawn care includes:

  • A thorough yard inspection from a local professional. 
  • Fertilizer blends tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of your lawn. 
  • Protection from disease, pests, and fungi. 
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and FREE re-treatments if you need them.
  • Simple payment options.
  • High quality lawn care services.

Get Your Soil Testing and Analysis From Professionals

When we say that we start at the most granular level, we mean it. That means we begin with a soil analysis to determine what exactly is going on in your yard from a chemical perspective. Armed with that knowledge, our lawn care experts from Charleston can design a customized fertilizer blend that will address your lawn’s nutritional requirements. Lawn fertilization will help your turf flourish. 

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Liquid Aeration in Goose Creek 

A lawn without annual aeration is bound to eventually suffocate with overly compacted soil. Liquid aeration is a simple process that can make a massive difference in your lawn’s health but still once that must be handled with care and precision. At Coastal Turf, our liquid aeration in Goose Creek can help your lawn grow strong in a sustainable way that can be renewed each year. Whether you are in Goose Creek or need liquid aeration in Charleston, our technicians are here to help! Don’t let your lawn go another moment with densely compacted soil. 

Benefits of quality liquid aeration include:

  • Easier access to water and critical nutrients in the soil.
  • Loosened soil in which roots will have more successful growth. 
  • An overall plant that is more able to resist disease, fungi, and pests.
  • Decreased standing water on your lawn.
  • No cores left atop your ground
  • No need for markings of sprinkler heads or cable lines
  • And more!

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Sod Installation in Goose Creek

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, grass seed just refuses to take root in your yard. Sometimes the best option is to lay sod. Coastal Turf provides sod installation in Goose Creek. When laying sod, our technicians also level the area to ensure a smooth transition. Our sod requires both less watering and overall maintenance than sprouted grass seed and can take in your yard, no matter the conditions. When you choose Coastal Turf for sod installation in Goose Creek, we use only the highest quality grass from the Lowcountry’s most reliable growers to ensure the best results in your yard. 

Our sod installation in Goose Creek includes:

  • An inspection of your yard and of the desired installation area. 
  • Soil testing and analysis to determine which grass will succeed in your yard.
  • Ground leveling and re-grading if needed.
  • Total area prep, including watering, fertilizing, and soil treatment. 
  • Irrigation service after installation.
  • Follow-up inspections.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction and FREE re-treatments.
  • And more!

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Tree and Shrub Care in Goose Creek

The mature ornamentals in your yard may seem invincible but they need just as much TLC as the smallest blade of grass on your lawn. All of the efforts are worth it because, more than any other yard fixture, mature trees and shrubs can help you out in the long run. With the tree and shrub care in Goose Creek, your ornamentals can end up putting some serious money back in your wallet. Proper shrub and tree care can increase the value of your home. Real estate agents estimate that the presence of mature trees and shrubs can increase your home’s value by up to 20% so trust your biggest plants to the pros. 

Coastal Turf’s tree and shrub care include:

  • A complete inspection of your whole yard.
  • Tailored shrub and tree services to help your ornamentals stay healthy regardless of the conditions.
  • Seasonal treatment schedules to help your trees and shrubs all year long. 
  • Protection from insects, diseases, blights, droughts, and rotting.
  • Young foliage protection.
  • And more!

Guaranteed Results from Lawn Care Professionals

At Coastal Turf, we’re confident that you’ll see the difference that your service can make for your lawn. That’s why we proudly back our lawn care with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if you aren’t happy once our service concludes, we promise to do everything we can to make it right. Our specialists will return to your yard and continue working for you until the job is done to your liking.

Guaranteed Lawn Care That Works for You

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First Lawn Treatment

When you sign up for a lawn care plan, your first treatment costs only $29.99 and covers up to 5,000 sq ft.

Only one offer per customer can be redeemed

December 31, 2022


For Mosquito Control Program Customers

Your yard’s first mosquito treatment costs just $39.99 when you sign up for a mosquito control program.

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December 31, 2022

Special Offers

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We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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First Lawn Treatment

When you sign up for a lawn care plan, your first treatment costs only $29.99 and covers up to 5,000 sq ft.

Only one offer per customer can be redeemed

December 31, 2022